Beydler's Manibolt Driller How-To Tips & Tricks

How-To Tips & Tricks

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks we have found while drilling out Broken Manifold Bolts with the Beydler’s Manibolt Driller.

The beauty of Manibolt Driller is that it can be mounted nearly blind folded. In other words, when mounting it, it aligns itself precisely over the Broken Manifold Bolt. So when you’re working in hard-to-reach spots, which you always are, this tool will save you a lot of trouble.

Our main goal was to allow the user to utilize the taper to self-center on position. The Hardware and Bushing Clamp relies on this in order to work at its best. So protect that tapered surface. If a ding or high spot is exposed, lightly file it flat. Be sure to use the right diameter Drill Bit! Our Bushing Clamps are equipped with high-quality H-style press in “Drill Bushings.” They will only accept the size shown. Smaller is NOT recommended and anything bigger will NOT fit. No need to worry about wearing out the diameter of the Bushing Clamp…these Bushings are hardened and made to last! Split-Point Drills are the way to go! The center web has its own ground geometry to allow the center to cut, allowing less pressure on the user. When your drilling operation is complete, remove the Drill Template to protect the tapered area while using taps or extractors.

After cleaning the surface, mount the Template using the correct Flathead Fasteners.

Having no debris on the tapered surfaces, place Bushing Clamp in desired location.

Using the Thumbscrew, snug it down.

Start drilling. Make sure to remove the drill every 5-10 seconds to clear the chips and, if necessary, remove Bushing Clamp to clear chips as well.

Blow out loose debris to clear the drilled hole.