Bushing Clamps

Drilling? Options are a good thing!
Sectional viewWhat size do you like to drill? Do you like to start off small then work up to a bigger size? Our Bushing Clamps are fitted with hardened-steel drill bushings for long, accurate life, the heart of this product is the taper. The tapered surface is a high-tolerance feature, so while in use, please use caution and prevent damaging this area.

Size: Description

  • 1/8 (.1250): Use for preferred extractors.
  • 3/16 (.1875): Use for preferred extractors.
  • #7 (.201): Minor diameter for the m6x1.0.
  • 1/4 (.250): This size is perfect for drilling most of the m8x1.25 fastener; this will leave a .0078 wall to the minor diameter intact. Helical Insert Tap Drill size for m6x1.0.
  • 17/64 (.2656): Minor Diameter for the m8x1.25 Note: Having used the 1/4 Bushing Clamp, this size will help cut out the remaining thread.
  • 5/16 (.3125): Minor diameter for the 3/8-16.
  • P (.323): Helical Insert Tap Drill size for m8x1.25. Used as a guide for the M8x1.25 tap for perpendicularity.
  • 11/32 (.4348) Minor diameter for the M10x1.25.

Bushing Clamps

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